How do I earn Coins?

Simply visit the Earn Coins tab once you have logged into your account. A good start is just by logging into the website each day!


These are our current methods of earning coins.


  1. Daily unlocked Small Coin Crate by logging in      
  2. Playing Real Money Games to give Coin rewards
  3. Winning coins from a Coin challenge    
  4. Adding | to your steam name via Oauth
  5. Updating and verifying your profile
  6. Inviting friends - for every game they play you receive 10 coins -  for life!
  7. Coin Crates
  8. Coupons and Promotions
  9. Giveaways on Social Media and from Site
  10. Receive Coins for placements in Tournaments

Note - Some Coin methods reward users that have consecutive days, please check the “Earn Coins” tab to find out more

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