How can I get more Coins?

There are several ways a user can receive more coins. You receive coins just by visiting the site each day! To find how to receive coins for free visit the “Earn Coins” tab


  1. Purchase Coins
  2. Daily Login Reward Crate (users receive a free coins crate each day for logging in)
  3. Daily Login Bonus (find out more under “Earn Coins” tab)
  4. Steam username rewards  (find out more under “Earn Coins” tab)
  5. Promotions via email and promotion codes given out on social media
  6. Completing profile and Verifying your email on  (find out more under “Earn Coins” tab)
  7. Challenging other users in Coins games
  8. Crates and prizes
  9. Receive Coins for playing a real money match.
  10. Receive Coins for placements in Tournaments

Note - Some task rewards users for consecutive days

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