What types of Tournaments do you have?


To understand or to find out more about how our tournaments work please visit this article 

Tournaments will be forever changing to accommodate our player base, all rules and formats are shown on each individual tournament page -

Traditional Tournaments

General Tournaments - Standard scoring format based on traditional K/D/A 

Real Cash tournaments - Tournaments that require a signup fee for cash prizes

Coin Entry Tournament - Tournaments that require a coin entry to enter, these are usually larger coin prize pools and can at times contain cash prizes.

Free To Play Tournaments - Tournaments that are free to play for prizes, cash or coins

Specialized Tournaments

specialized tournaments are a staple on XY Gaming, these allow users to play to their strengths and be rewarded solely on different aspects of a game. Each game title we support on XY Gaming will show all three of these specialized tournaments every week.

Creep Killer / Million Massacre - Do you control your lanes? All you need to do is kill creeps/minions all day, the user will the highest average of creeps/minions killed per game are crowned the lane masters!

Gold Digger - Are you a gold farming machine? Come and prove it in our tournaments, where the only thing matters are how much gold you can farm!

Wingman - Are you a great Wing Man? Prove it, as the scores are based solely on how many assists you can get!

Carry/ADC - TBA 

Support - TBA

More to come!

 Visit our starting guide to learn more about our tournaments and their formats


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