How soon do I receive my winnings and results?

Receiving Results

The results for each match completed in the game's client should be automatically detected within 20-30 minutes of the match ending and be placed on However, delays are bound to happen due to certain variables out of our control, If results have not appeared within 24 hours of the match being completed please check these reasons before contacting support

Receiving Winnings

Users will have winnings transferred into their accounts straight after each tournament is completed, tournaments have shown as "Closed" are no longer open to new entries for 24 hours to allow current entries to finish off new results. Within 10-15 minutes of the tournament finishing your cash or coins should be placed in your account and be seen under your transactions found under your username drop menu. 

If no winnings have been transferred please first read possible reasons here then message support at the bottom left of the page under "Contact Staff" if you believe there is something wrong. 

* Physical prizes are an exemption and will be organised and scheduled between and the winner(s)

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