What do Claimed and Hidden mean in my inventory ? tries to make it easier for you to manage your inventory as we are hoping the majority of our users have a full stash of goodies! We introduced ribbons with labels to make it simple.


Unclaimed - Once a prize has been won but yet not opened by the user it will show a ribbon labelled as “Unclaimed”. This will require the user to select on the prize itself to claim it and permanently store it in their inventory


Note - users have 7 days to claim the majority of prizes and up to 14 days for major prizes.


Hidden - These are prizes you have won and claimed but have not yet revealed the key. Eventually, we will allow users to trade or sell back hidden keys. After all, once you’ve seen the key, it becomes worthless except to you.

Note - Once a prize is claimed or revealed it will stay in the user's inventory permanently

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