Why is my account suspended?

Reasons for suspension -

All suspended users will receive an email, so please make sure to view your account's attached email address to see if you have been contacted by staff

Unconfirmed Email 

If you have just recently created an account, you will have received an email confirmation sent to your email address, your account will be suspended or locked until you have confirmed. A message in red should appear on the homepage to re-send the email if it did not go to your email address.

If this does not work please contact support at the bottom left of the page

To check if you have supplied the correct email address go to your username at the top right and click on it to activate the dropbox, go to "My Account" and make sure that your email address is correct

Did not complete the verification process

* may require certain verification which will be requested by email, users have within 10 days to respond to such emails or their accounts will be locked with a suspension, make sure to check your emails for any messages from support.

Unfair Gameplay / Account abnormality

We care about the fair use and gameplay on our platform, we do regular checks on users accounts and game id's to make sure they are legitimate and authentic as possible. If any accounts have suspicious qualities or unfair gameplay attached to them staff will suspend and reach out to these users via email. 

Contact Support 

If you feel your account was wrongly suspended, please contact live support via the chatbox in the bottom left-hand corner or email


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