Why does my results not show on the tournament page?

Although we do aim to have your results on our page within 60 minutes there are sometimes delays depending on many variables such as site load, number of entries and whether or not you are a new user. 

Please allow up to 4-6 hours for your results to show up and before contacting support. If no results appear in this timeframe please contact via the support button on our page in the bottom left-hand corner

Possible Reasons for no tracked Matches

Account Is Private 

* Your account Game-ID account is private if your match statistics cannot be found on Dotabuff, OP.GG then your account may be private. Please remove your game from and follow the steps correctly. 

Not A Ranked Match

* You are not playing Ranked Match Making - Games such as League Of Legends, Dota 2 and more must be played on the games ranked mode to be counted as your score on

Not playing by the rules

* You may of not following the tournament rules, some tournaments have hero bans, match rules, game mode and more that must be followed for that match to be counted in the tournament you have entered. You can find all tournament rules on the tournament page at the top left. 

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