How do i add my game-ID? What is my game-ID


What is my game-ID?

Your game-ID is your in-game username or login for your account you wish for us collect your game data. This may require you to sign in via a secure open browser from the game client depending on the game 

How To Add Dota 2 ID

How do I add my game-ID?

Currently, there are two options for adding your Game-ID to the platform. When adding your ID make sure to follow and read every step carefully as you may be required to change certain settings for us to be able to track your results.

#1 - Tournament Page

Through the tournament page, simply click on a tournament you wish to enter and click on the button at the top right "Add GameID"


#2 - My Account

Clicking on your username at the top right of the page will active a dropbox menu, select "My Account" and scroll down to the GameID panel where you will see the "Add New" button to connect your game account 


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