How To Get Free RP - Free Riot Points (free RP)

How To Get Free RP - How To Get Free League Of Legends RP 

Play Games, Enter Free Tournaments, Purchase Riot Points For Free offers a Marketplace to purchase League of Legends RP cards from all regions, this marketplace uses our FREE currency called "coins" to collect them. Coins are given to users in multiple ways, by signing up to the site, playing free tournaments based on your in-game performances in League Of legends ranked matches and by promotions. 

How to get coins

What is, one of the largest esports tournament platforms, where users compete for cash prizes across games like League of Legends, Dota 2. organizes asynchronous esports tournaments, where we automatically monitor the player's in-game statistics and award them scores based on their performance, creating a convenient and hassle-free way to compete.

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