How To Make Money Playing Smite

How To Earn Money Playing Smite

With over $2,000 in cash prizes given away for free every month in Smite tournaments, XY Gaming also has cash entry tournaments for users to compete in cash prizes in head to head, 4-player to 1000 player tournaments. 

Users have the option to Deposit & Withdrawal from the XY Gaming platform as well as the opportunity to collect prizes from our marketplace using our free COIN currency via the website. Win Smite items such as God Packs & Smite Gems from our marketplace 

XY Gaming Guide

Earn Cash In Smite

XY Gaming, one of the largest esports tournament platforms, where users compete for cash prizes across games like League of Legends, Dota 2 and Smite. XY Gaming organizes asynchronous esports tournaments, where we automatically monitor the player's in-game statistics and award them scores based on their performance, creating a convenient and hassle-free way to compete.

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